Sefa Knitting Wool Trading Production Company Limited specialises in designing, manufacturing and processing many fashion products made from wool such as shirts, skirts, towels, hats, gloves,etc. With experiences in the field of textile processing, Sefa always strives to make the most of its creativity, ability to quickly adapt to continuous advances in technology to create perfect and optimal products for customers before thinking about profit.

Our manufacturing capacity

No. Product name Item Design quantity (items) Manufacturing quantity (items)
01 Sweaters pcs 50.000 10.000
02 Wool towels pcs 500.000 200.000
03 Wool hats pcs 500.000 100.000


SEFA with many years experience in the knitting industry, we always aim for high quality products, timely delivery, reasonable price, and meet the needs of our customers.

Typical products

sales policy

We always want to share, exchange the experience and cooperate in the knitting industry in order to grow together sustainably and prosperously with our customers. We hope that we always have your companionship in our development journey.


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