SEFA Knit Co. Ltd specialises in designing, manufacturing and processing many fashion products made from wool such as shirts, skirts, towels, hats, gloves,etc. We have a wide range of products and they are exported to many countries around the world such as Japan, Korea, Canada and some countries in Europe,…

We always want to share, exchange the experience and cooperate in the knitting industry in order to grow together sustainably and prosperously with our customers.


Your trust and support is the biggest encouragement in our development journey.

We continuously improve to deliver our products at the best of our ability to deserve the trust you put in us.


Always strive to utilise our creativity and our ability to adapt quickly to the rapid development in technology in order to produce the best products for our customers before thinking about profits.


SEFA with many years experience in the knitting industry, we always aim for high quality products, timely delivery, reasonable price, and meet the needs of our customers.


– SIMPLICITY in working and solving everything

– PROFESSIONALISM in delivering our services

– ACCOUNTABILITY in what we promised

– ENTHUSIASTIC services to achieve customer satisfaction

We hope that we always have your companionship in our development journey